Sadar Bahar

Sadar Bahar was born in Newark, NJ during the late 60’s and his family relocated to Chicago in the early 70’s.

It was his Mom who brought him his first set of Technics turntables, and shortly thereafter he realized that music was his deepest passion and that it would be his lifelong project. He first got into the music scene with a childhood friend, Charles Brekenridge, who introduced him to the mixing game and taught him how to blend records.

Sadar felt like he was on top of the world the day that he learned he would be playing Club Risque with the legendary, Frankie Knuckles. During this time Chicago was filled with DJ’s who played house and disco sounds. However, Sadar chose a different direction, playing rare, hard-to-find grooves. When some of the best-known, popular DJ’s whom he admired referred to him as a serious, deep house music collector, a monster was born.

Sadar has been digging for records all of his life, and he has yet to take a break. He spent most of his time in record shops seeking vintage deep house sounds. He soon realized that while he was out searching for the deepest house music, people had practically stopped playing music, and instead they were playing beat tracks only. Yet they were referring to these tracks as house songs.



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