Beirut born, London based selector crafts refined and unadulterated dancefloor-focused curations.
Coming from an architecture background, Chawki Karam, of moniker ‘Housecoat’, is a freelancing multi-disciplinary artist and consultant, by day – and dj by night.

Over the last decade, he has amassed a desirable collection of records spanning from obscure 70’s funk and jazz, early underground disco, to 90’s house, making him a versatile and unpredictable groovesmith.

As no selector likes to be put in a box, his signature sound is perhaps not the easiest to define within the existing genres repertoire but can be best imagined as an affective synthesis of piercing grooves, driving rhythms, primal funk and a healthy dose of jazz.

The past 4 years saw him hard at it in London, hosting the regular esoteric symposiums at his Old Street location that have cemented a somewhat mythical status in the east part of the city amongst those who know.

Concurrently, the man established a longstanding reputation for himself amongst connoisseurs alike in hometown Beirut, where he is often seen doing his thing in the city’s major dance establishments.



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