Slide Alegria makes its debut as a label with a two track roller ep by the Mallorca based Lorhen. Expect a housy delivery from the Spanish producer, perfect for the last days of summer. ALG001 | Everybody EP
Release Date: 2020-08-30
Slide RICCARDO PIAZZA ALG002 | Scent Of A Woman EP
Release Date: 2020-09-25
ODD ONES OUT The second release is brought to you by the Miami based duo Odd Ones Out. Four unique minimal house cuts crafted by the duo during their early days in the magic city. Each one of the tracks has a 305 story behind...
Slide ALG003 | Únicos EP
Release Date: 2020-12-04
Very excited to welcome Lou Flores & Leand to our family, Alegria Records.
A 4 track EP with a groovy beat accompanied by eccentric vocals giving each track a unique twist true to its own self. Made to make people dance and for conquering large crowds.
Slide ALG004 | Tarazet EP
Release Date: 2021-01-22
CAMILLE VON SIMSON AVSTIN FRANK It's all about the journey not the destination. We are grateful to have had Avstin Frank be part of our path since day one. Tarazet is a 2 track EP with a minimal groove that intensifies into a powerful dance club song made to make people dance.For this EP we are featuring Miami based artist Camille Von Simson with her photography series Cuban American Modern.
Slide ALG005 | Bridges EP
Release Date: 2021-03-31
VALERIE ARMAS Our alliance with Colombian artists officially starts now. We welcome Steinlausky to the family. Steinlausky is a musical and sound project that explores composition beyond genres and styles. An investigation on how vibrations interact with humans. When brainstorming for this EP we figured we wanted to create a concept behind the songs that would really be impactful and different from the other EP's we've been releasing.
Slide ALG006 | Lost My Way EP
Release Date: 2021-09-18
COLAU DANIEL GODOY MARTINEZ Argentinian artist Colau comes out with an exceptional 5 track groovy minimal EP. Songs are meant to be heard in order from beginning to end. In between the different genres of electronic music, Colau feels more identified in producing songs with a house groove.He is constantly exploring new sounds and melodies within his style. Five bangers made for dance floors worldwide.
Slide ALG007 | We Alright EP
Release Date: 2021-11-08
THE FLAIR GONZALO GELSO We Alright EP reflects people who are always on the move, looking forward, transmitting this energy to everyone around them-reflecting the deepness inside our souls that is full of joy and energy. This one-of-a-kind EP is a blend of gospel, rock, jazz, funk, and electronic music.We Alright and No Turn Back are two powerful tracks produced for great crowds.It is a musical journey taken through the divinity of gospel sound with an almighty touch of house and futuristic sounds.
Slide ALG008 | Rapture mix
Release Date: 2022-03-08
SEB HALL GABRIELA GIL Enjoy this downtempo housey track made to relax your mind🧘‍♀️
This single, transcribes @sebhall’s style which is smooth and expresses a breezy laid-back motif, ascribed to a lifetime awash in the sun of Southern California 🌻
Remix by colombian producers Mavidip & Charlie Florez
Creating her own interpretation of the songs through her paintings, Gabriela Gil designed a one of a kind 3 piece series, named, “Blooming Into Rapture”
Slide ALG009 | How Do You Say
Release Date: 2022-05-12
Dük Abi Polinsky The 3 song compilation is produced by Dük a Lebanese music producer based out of Montreal, Canada.
For this release, we've featured NYC based photographer Abi Polinsky who is also the artist and creator of the EP covers.
Taken at his studio in Chelsea Manhattan, Abi had created his own interpretation of Dük's songs through his photography to create the cover of each song with the collaboration from Brazilian model, Marta Bez.
The main cover is an illustration made by our in house designer, Maf On Tropics. Maf was inspired by Duk's lebanese heritage throughout her creative process.
We are happy to see the results of a beautiful illustration that represents where duk's from with inclusion of the photographs taken by our 9th featured artist, Abi Polinsky.