Kenia Vasallo a.k.a as Kenny Jones is a Spanish born creative based in NYC where she has been making a name for herself by playing in the most renown clubs and parties in the U.S..

After college, she embarked as a journalist, as host of her own show

“Una Mirada Diferente” broadcasted in the newscast Latin TV channel, Americateve, where she interviewed famous personalities from the music industry.

She now manages her own brand under the name Alegria Community, a record label and an art gallery founded in 2018.

Alegria is pushing the boundaries of artistic collaboration by bringing creatives from all over the world, in an effort to bring all spectrums of music and art to NYC & Miami, and eventually to expand this globally.

The vision is to combine and showcase various passions and mediums at different pop-ups. Each release cover features different artists across the globe, highlighting a variation of music and  art through collaboration.

As a DJ, Kenny Jones, plays a wide range of genres in a seamless but seductive manner, going from tribal ecstatic to funk house and soul, although never one

sound – it creates an indescribable feeling that mustn’t be explained, must be danced.

If you wish to join the community, please sign up through our website!

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