Seb Hall

Seb Hall is a Los Angeles-based producer and DJ with a penchant for crafting dreamy and melodic dance floor cuts harnessing analog gear. His background as a musician began at an early age on the piano and later exploring the guitar. Hall’s style is smooth and expresses a breezy laid-back motif, ascribed to a lifetime awash in the sun of Southern California.

His live show is composed of a collection of drum machines like the Roland 707, Korg analog synthesizers, and odd guitar pedals all running through Abelton. The outcome is a soulful journey that rises and falls like the tide. Hall blends up his own version of disco with a splash of acid house to keep things controversial. As a DJ, his daring range of selections mirror his honed technical abilities when he’s on the decks, pulling from west African disco to Japanese boogie funk. Since then Hall has played the likes of London’s XOYO, Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, Shelter in Amsterdam, and Public Works in San Francisco, with the rest of the time spent in his studio, heavily focused on productions and new grooves for the future.



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