Born in 1996, Milan-based artist Vithz was always heavily influenced by his father from a young age, developing a passion for House Music before eventually going on to study a degree in electronicmusic production at SAE institute in Amsterdam.

In 2018, Vithz co-founded U Feel, which has quickly become one of the most consistent parties in Milan, hosting local and international acts on a weekly basis. Along ide U Feel, Vithz is the head programmer of Sumdayz Festival and Isola Di Mortorio, booking the likes of Apollonia, Barac, Mason Collective, Quest & Christian AB, tINI, Traumer and many more.

Vithz’s DJ setsare strongly influenced by the original sounds of Chicago and Detroit, with an extradeep and minimal touch, and have taken him to cities across the world, including London,Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Shanghai and New York. He has played at major historical venues such asfabric, Red 58, Plastic & Tunnel Club and Silencio, supporting major acts like Seth Troxler, ChezDamier, S.A.M, tINI, Cinthie and Mood II Swing to name a few.

With releases on Purism and Vatos Locos already under his belt, Vithz is establishing his name as aproducer and is busy in the studio building an impressive release schedule for the remainder of 2022.



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