Spending the last 12 years mixing and digging for peculiar electronica, his talent and dedication soon brought him the residency in the capital’s last real underground sanctuaries – the beloved Zoo club and K4, where he soon took on the initiative and started doing bookings as well, inviting and playing alongside the likes of Francesco del Garda, Sonja Monear, Raresh, Onur Özer, Binh, Etienne, Nicolas Lutz, Daniel Bell and others…

Drawing inspiration from virtually all facets of early electronica,

Mayell creates his very own distinctive tapestry of sound, resulting in eclectic and quirky DJ sets, ever fresh but always recognizable; if you’ve heard him once, you will always know he has taken over the DJ booth, without looking in its direction.

His exhilarating energy and contagious enthusiasm for music have the power to draw even the laziest of dancers to the floor with their hands in the air and smiles on their faces.

It seems that all he really wants to do is make people happy with his presence and his music, and he does it extremely well.

His latest ventures include immersing himself deeper into music production and starting a new club night and a label under the name of LuckIsOn. With one collaboration EP already released on Kanzyani’s Jesus Loved You label, the first four LuckIsOn EPs out, One VA on Pager Records and the forthcoming release on Traffic records it is absolutely certain that you will hear more of this Slovenian hidden treasure in the near future!



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