Mike Shannon is an electronic musician and DJ from Ontario, Canada. Though only in his midteens, the mid 90s saw Shannon quickly established a reputation as one of the Canadian Techno scene’s most universally respected ambassadors, noted for a lightening
fast mixing style, often on 3 turntables. An early affinity with the reductionist labels of the mid-western US,including fellow Canadian Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8, quickly fostered his own curatorial ambitions.His uniquely focused vision as a label curator lead to the creation of two imprints, Cynosure and Haunt Recordings, both providing jazz infused electronic minimalism that have defined and exploded current dance music norms in equal measure. A frequent collaborator and strong proponent of recent modular synthesis technology, Shannon’s own productions have consistently looked into the beating heart of house and techno to establish new timbres and subtle variants of the of the music he holds so dear. Mike Shannon lives and works in Berlin



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