Chez Damier
“You realize an artist is of great import when you can break down their contribution to a scene into single words. Prescription. The Music Institute. KMS. Chicago’s Chez Damier has plenty of associations that are spoken of in reverent terms within house music circles. Damier’s first major involvement in the scene dates back to the late ’80s and the opening of The Music Institute, the club he founded in Detroit alongside Alton Miller and George Baker that was instrumental in techno’s development in the city. Around this time he was also a label manager and recording artist for Kevin Saunderson’s KMS, releasing all-time greats like Can You Feel It and Untitled. Upon moving back to the Windy City around 1993, Damier hooked up with Ron Trent to create Prescription: The run of singles they released up until 1995 are among the most influential pieces of house music even committed to wax, taking in many of their own titles in collaboration—”Morning Factory,” “Sometimes I Feel Like,” “Be My.”



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