Know as a vinyl assassin like no other, 4AM NYC has taken care of musical communities in New York and worldwide for over a decade, both on and off the dance floor…
They have traveled far n wide off the strength of their exceptional djing; spinning at legendary parties in Detroit for Movement, and headlining club nights in London, Berlin, Lisbon, Munich and beyond. All the while holding down residencies at home with their own party series Spiritual Mental Physical, at beloved NYC night clubs such as Good Room, Le Bain, and Public Records.

As a dj they provide nights of music unbound by genre, dedicated to the dance floor; ruled by a furious and vivid emotional spectrum. Storytelling takes precedence in their practice and the tale will be told by any means necessary – whether it’s via heart-wrenching soul, finger-snapping house, euphoric and demonic techno, or unclassifiable future classics straight out of left-field – their delivery is always uncompromising and energizing, passionate and sincere.



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