Jesse Perez is a larger than life character who doesn’t like to reveal too muchabout himself. Instead his big personality shines through in his music. Whetherhe was actually conceived in a motel in Little Havana, we do not know. Washis dad a pimp who was ten years younger than him? Probably not. But theseare the stories he puts out there.Looking to his music gives more clues about his passions, at least: it is bigstuffthat is always characterized by a massive serving of bass. No doubt influencedbythe bass m
usic of his Miami homeland, he is very much part of a fresh andexciting crew of producers making bootylicioushouse music with ghettorawness, percolating percussions and firing vocals that always send crowdswild.His latest effort Fake on hisown Mr Nice Guy Records is a big rubber bangerwith rapped vocals, dirty drums and the sort of attitude that will have dancers inraptures. Before now he has released on essential labels like Hot Creations, I’mA House Gangster, BPitch Control and Eats Everything’s Edible
and his musicalways has a tongue in cheek charm and real sense of humor. It swings and isfunky, touches on hip house and often comes stuffed with skewed synths thatnever fail to make their mark.Certainly one of the most prominent artists in the game right now, his bumpand grind sounds are in demand all over the world, and for good reason.



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