La Payara was born from an intuition that Claudio Tantimonaco perceived during a trip in which he became interested on investigating the traditional rhythms of Colombia, an experience that led him to know the cosmogony of ancestral places of his territory to finally deliver an authentic sound to electronic music. Designing a proposal that synchronizes the root sounds and identity of his nation. His music aims to connect people’s hearts with the native beat of the land. His project has a spiritual significance and his music is inspired by the wise coexistence, respect for the other and awareness of the value that exists in the richness of Colombian music.
At the end of 2015, he was offered a residency in one of the most recognized electronic music venues in Bogotá (Video Club), where he would position himself as a DJ, a process that would take him to the beginning of his studies for the creation of a live act together with musicians representing traditional music in Colombia. That same year he received an invitation to the 2017 Estéreo Beach festival, the same year in which he had the opportunity to open for Bomba Estéreo at the concerts of the Club Colombia Oktoberfest circuit.In 2018, they would travel to Mexico for the Nomade Festival in Tulum for the anniversary celebration alongside DJ and producer Nicola Cruz. After shows loaded with an exciting reception by people at the different important festivals and of music in their country and Latin America, they were invited to the most important festival in Colombia Estéreo Picnic, followed by a tour in Europe playing at different important festivals such as; Glastonbury, Roskilde, Fusion, Fête de la Musique and Scorpios Mykonos. In May 2019, they were included in Sounds and Colours as “New Colombian bands to listen to”. By the end of 2019 they would return to Europe selected to represent Colombia at the inauguration of the Humboldt Museum of Art in Berlin and they would end the year with an invitation to the Boiler Room at the Festival Tatacoa



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