We are Los Wizzards, a band from Miami that will define the Miami Funk concept for the years to come. Latin music is exploding. But we need variety. We are here to stand out to define this new sound that will propel further this Latin phenomenon. Funk is dance, it is groove, it is rhythm, it is party. When interpreted by a group of latinos, the result is an irresistible energy that is transforming Miami’s sound identity. A bit of our history: We started the band in the most spontaneous way. It all began with a weekly Open Mic that turned into a Jam Session that later turned into a band. We decided to move on from that space to start creating our own shows, always based on the freedom of the improvisation and the freestyle. Creating a new and unique experience for our audience in every performance. One thing led to another. We earned a residency at the famous Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, which was the catalyst that opened up doors for us to create more funky grooves around the city.



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