Cristobal ON began his career as a DJ in 2012 entertaining, through his selection of impeccable beats, the night of thousands of Venezuelan music lovers and amateur dancers. As well as that of many foreigners who had the opportunity to know the nightlife of Caracas, which at the time received the main artists of the world electronic scene. However, interest in music was present long before, already in 1999 while living in the city of Brussels, he found musical experiences that forged his musical taste, and that today can be appreciated during his presentations and productions, in addition of having given it an avant-garde identity that it maintains to this day. He investigated all the musical genres that crossed his path, until he discovered the ones he most identified with. From trip hop, drum & bass to electro; electronic music in general. His long career has made him a person with a keen ear who has dedicated himself to creating unique sessions that he shares with his friends and followers. These are characterized by being agile, spontaneous, with an introspective character and with an internal beauty that seduces anyone who listens to them, especially for the peculiar and well-detailed way that this artist applies in each of his works.He currently resides in the city of Miami, FL and focuses mainly on sounds and elements of house, deep house, disco, techno, minimal and deep tech mainly



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