Kenny Jones has developed a passion for disco & funk throughout the past years. Digging for records has become her newest venture, which she’s successfully been able to turn into a career.
Before Covid-19 struck, she curated a series of experiences with her own music and art collective
named “Alegria Community”.
Not so long ago, she started her own record label based out of Miami, under the name “Alegria
Alegria is now a platform for artists of all spectrums from the music & arts industry.
A platform to sell art from artists of the community, provide updates on songs released by the label, and information on numerous projects that make themselves known throughout the year.
Covid was an extremely peculiar and unprecedented situation for her collective, but at the same time, a great opportunity for new beginnings to arise.
Thanks to a series of fundraising livestreams Kenia produced during the pandemic, she has been able to attract awareness to her brand, and soon enough, Alegria was directing and producing their first music video.



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