Known for dancing in between different genres and styles, juggling the tradition and the avant-garde, O.BEE generates obscure yet familiar sonic landscapes, in a signature style that reflects his own musical identity; optimistic yet rebellious and filled by passion. Liberating the dance floor from the accustomed rules and stepping away from functional expectations, he instead cultivates musical trips for both the dancer and the listener. Juxtaposing the stimulating environments of both a intense rave and a concert hall.As a regular in his hometown Istanbul, and in his current base New York, where he completed his studies in Contemporary Music in the New School and continues to develop his refined take on
dance music, O.BEE has built up an arsenal of gems through countless hours of digging. His ability to seamlessly to put together music that would not necessarily be correlated with one another has allowed him to receive acclaim and gain respect from the most serious heads to the most naive dancers as he continues to expand the borders of his undefinable sound.
After bouncing around parties for several years he joined the ReSolute family, a new home, where he has had the honors of hosting and accompanying many artists, such as Zip, Chez Damier, Sonja Moonear, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka, a:pria:r, that have been true inspirations for him. Recent years have seen him travel beyond the horizons of the big apple, returning to Istanbul for Suma Beach, MU and minimuzikhol, also taking on days and nights at Unleash and Colors in London, Hoppetosse, Tresor, CDV, Salon zur Wilden Renate and Heidegluhen in Berlin, Rex Club and Sundae in Paris, Macarena Club in Barcelona, to name a few. While also finding a place for himself in accomplished festivals such as Comunite Festival in Mexico, Polifonic in Italy, Chillout and Big Burn Festivals in Turkey, UVA Festival in Spain and Okeechobee in America, sharing his unique record collection with the world, on the bill with visionaries such as Mulatu Astatke, Ambiq and Thievery Corporation. In October 2017 he was invited to perform alongside other Turkish artists in Boiler Room’s Istanbul special, closing out the session after an array of wide acts and DJ sets.O.BEE’s evocative and sophisticated approach to his sets is also reflected in his own music. He has been working hard in and out of the studio with his partner, Rona Budak, on their project “Enstantane”, which functions as both a record label and an multi-disciplinary artist collective. Enstantane 001 is to be released in the second half of 2018, along with an event series and the subscription based website enstantane.io



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