Simon Cooper is a visual artist and painter based in New York City. A passion for history and a love of painting, Simon’s work is a blend of the two. He takes inspiration from various significant figures and events from the past, imagery from across art history, and reimagines them in his own distinct style. The work is considered a collaboration with artists of the distant past.

Taking from a variety of sources, Simon portrays art from numerous eras including the Middle Ages, the Northern and Italian Renaissance, and the Dutch Golden Age. Using bold line work and vibrant colors, works from the archives of art history feel ever more contemporary and present. This mixture of classical and contemporary presents something familiar yet entirely new.

Simon’s most notable projects as of late were in collaboration with Husk Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia and Greenville, South Carolina. Both projects examined the founding and historically significant events of the two cities. A series of over 10 large paintings tell these stories and hang within each restaurant in order to connect visitors with the locale and the importance of its history.

Simon earned a B.F.A. in Illustration and Printmaking at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014. Simon continues to exhibit drawings and paintings throughout the United States and is always on the lookout to expand his art to large scale murals.



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