Charlie Brown Bunny was born in Spain. He was raised by his grandmother. A young widow with a huge personality who would influence his taste through a romantic and bohemian way of life.

Charlie’s curiosity and ambition to learn more about life pushed him into becoming a renaissance man at a very early stage in his life. Throughout his journey, he studied, worked and explored different paths like fashion, cooking, finance and art. All this will be reflected later in his paintings.

After living all around Europe he finally moved to New York City, settling down in the Upper East Side, where he found inspiration from the eccentricity of the neighborhood. Since then, he’s had the opportunity to exhibit his art work in remarkable New York hotels such as The Gansevoort, The empire, The Plaza and The Carlton.

Charlie’s art is known for his figurative paintings with a very peculiar style. His work is a criticism to society of how men’s ambition ends up in greed and sin, by painting their emptiness and bodies as vehicles without a soul.

His key sources of inspiration are a combination of movie scenes and scenery of New York. As well as renowned artists; Alex Katz, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Modigliani, Bernard Buffet & Francisco Clemente.



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