Our most successful event up to date included more than 300 people, who visited our oriental experience in Miami Beach. The event took place at a renowned Indochinese gem called Mandrake. The attire – strictly oriental.

We were all astonished and pleasantly surprised by the hard work people had put into their outfits. Miami doesn’t really dress up unless it’s actually Halloween day, so this exceeded our expectations. People danced to the rhythm of our resident DJ’s, Ennio Skoto & Avstin Frank. For this experience we collaborated with Canal Grooves Panama.

The founders of both Alegria Community & Canal Grooves are very close friends and constantly visit each other.

Salerno & Daniel Altshoul, founders of Canal Grooves Panama, have been curating events for a long time now, and have brought the dopest Dj’s to Panama such as Tini and the Gang and Archie Hamilton, to name a few. It was great to have founder Salerno play the opening set for Miami legend Jesse Perez. This was our first time booking such a big name from the Miami scene. It was great to get to meet him and we are grateful to have him do a 1 track EP for our new born record label, “Alegria Records”. We admire so much of what he has created for the Miami scene and the legacy he has left around the world.

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