Our very first Art Basel show was in 2019 with our friends from NYC La Casa. Founder of Alegria, Kenia Vasallo flew to NY early September to meet with founders of La Casa, Claudia Leal & Gonzalo Gelso. Conversations flowed very organically and soon enough we already had a name for our new Art Basel adventure.
La Casa de Alegria Bauhaus Edition.
Our idea was based on the experience of having both of best worlds, music & art. Our concept was strongly based in the idea of having a house for creatives of our community.
We wanted La Casa de Alegria to be a place where artists can exhibit but at the same time have fun at their own event.
Show started at 4 PM both days and it went through all the evening untill 4 AM.
We wanted it to be a place for artists to be free, for live painting, to dance, to express yourself.
A place to breathe from Art Basel madness. A place where you can just sit down, smoke a joint and watch someone paint while jamming to the tunes of an absolutely well curated diverse lineup.

Dec 8



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