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I left my eyes somewhere in the landscape



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Dimensions: 52cm x 69cm x 3cm

“I left my eyes somewhere in the landscape”
2018 / Textile collage on natural tocuyo using various embroidery techniques.
Representation of the Del Este (east) highway, Caracas. In memoir of the victims of the venezuelan regime in 2017.


Gal is a student from la Hermandad de la Costura, ran by Mari Gho, a Lima feminist artist. Through la Hermandad, Gal has found a new way of expressing feelings towards people, landscapes, places, symbols, which arose from her exile. She found her place in Lima, where she felt solitude until she found herself surrounded by powerful women, who have accompanied her on various projects, in which we find: ̈Nuevos alfabetos: la puntada más allá del texto- New Alphabets: the stitch beyond the text ̈, where 15 artists explored different ways of focusing the narrative through textile art, telling us about personal stories and emotions that were tangible for the audience.