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He’s King


Dimensions: 18”24”
Year: 2020
Medium: Acrylic, resin, collage

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Miami based artist, Emma Fray, is a first-generation Canadian, with parents from France. After completing her degree in Applied Arts for Interior Design, she relocated to Miami Beach to pursue her passion for art and design. She uses her technical background to create pieces with computer-generated elements and blends them with her free hand to create bold compositions. Her art is presented in the form of mixed media paintings and wall installations. Emma’s art is fueled by social media, tabloids, and consumerism. She uses her pieces to investigate her role in society, as she struggles to reconcile flawed social structures and how they relate to one’s sexuality, gender and rebellion. Emma’s goal is to challenge the boundaries of the viewer by provoking them to face a vulgar reality, investigate themselves, and in turn practice radical empathy. She prompts viewers by using bold imagery, varied colors, contemplative words, and social categorizations, to create immersive compositions.