Alegria Records was established in Miami in 2020 by Kenia Vasallo and Jaime Bolin. The label belongs to the Alegria Community Group founded in May 2019 by Elias Acosta and Kenia herself, a monthly event based on experiences that involve music, art,and visuals wrapped up in a theme. Alegria blends the underground European music scene with some of the most authentic artistic movements in the city of Miami, which serves as the perfect playground to develop such an innovative concept. The label will follow the same lead of the event by blending both talented producers and visual artists for every release. 


  • ALG001 Artist: Lorhen |  Album: Everybody 

Visual Artist: Charlie Brown Bunny

  • ALG002 Artist: Odd Ones Out | Album:  Scent of a Woman

Visual Artist: Pablo Manso

  • ALG003 Artist: Juliaan | Album: Rude Funk

Visual Artist: Sally Hunter

  • ALG004 Artist: Calabasa | Album: Road to Poneglyph

Visual Artist:

  • ALG005 Artist: Avstin Frank | Album: Tarazet

Visual Artist: Sofia Perazzo

  • ALG006 Artist: Colau | Album: TBA 

Visual Artist:

  • ALG007 Artist: Ennio Skoto | Album: TBA

Visual Artist:

  • ALG008 Artist: Lou Flores | Album: TBA

Visual Artist:

  • ALG009 Artist: Odd Ones Out & Demenz | Album: – TBA

Visual Artist:

  • ALG010 Various Artists – TBA

Visual Artist:

Upcoming Events

MIKE SHANNON: February 29 Mandrake, Miami Beach

THE LANGFORD: April 11 The Langford, Downtown

AFTERMARKET: May 16 Blackmarket, Downtown

BACK DOOR MONKEY: June 5   Back door monkey, Wynwood

FAENA : Sept. 6  Faena, Miami Beach