Jamalat Larach

Acrylic on canvas with neon light installation


40 x 40 




Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on March 27th 1995. Ever since a young age, Jamalat found herself attracted to and inspired by design and the visual arts. She decided to pursue a BFA degree in Interior Design at the Art Institute in Miami, Florida where she saw her passion grow by the day in an academic setting. Jamalat has also made an impact in a professional setting by working along designers in renowned firms based in London and Miami. Jamalat’s unique and outstanding work has allowed her to partake in special projects, including projects in some of the most luxurious neighborhoods and homes. Apart from her success in her professional field, she continues to explore her love of visual arts creating unique and custom-made pieces of mixed media art as a form of self-expression not only for herself, but her clientele as well. Jamalat has exhibited her work internationally for three consecutive years at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, France.

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