40x60 inches
Acrylics on canvas 




Venezuelan artist based in Miami whose figurative work reflect a mixture of vibrant colors that fusion with different textures. After studying at Florida International University and earning a degree in Marketing, China decided to take her business skills and apply them to her dreams of an art career. 


China’s bold and abstract works reflect a crossover of modern and contemporary art. She began by drawing skulls as a constant reminder that everyone must accept their own mortality and should always live each day to the fullest. China offers a bold exploration of color harmony and her vision has developed an intriguing portrayal of human faces, felines and women body, her technique developed naturally.  She combines vibrant colors, acrylic, spray-paint, and touches of diamond dust and crushed glass, to create her own distinctive technique and style. China’s works have been exhibited at art galleries in Miami. 


I was never just a body